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25 December 2021 @ 07:58 pm

i actually would love some new friends~
It'd be great if you could leave a little message introducing yourself! :D
` My biggest Biases: Yunho, DB5K, YunJae♥.


I also love EXO, Infinite, APINK, SUJU, Red Velvet, Beast, KDRAMAS, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Miura Haruma, Oguri Shun, and more!

20 August 2010 @ 08:19 am
I've decided to create a drama list o_o~ so I can keep track which one's i've completed! 
recommendations are welcomeee since i always love to watch dramas! :D
(in no particular order)

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10 August 2010 @ 05:32 pm
:) yaaay! icon update ^_^~
Yet this time it's not DBSK.. but I thought i'd make icons of aragaki yui!
She is totally photogenic *-*! I envy her~ :) well enough of my ramble!  

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18 April 2010 @ 03:36 pm
Hopee these look okay :)

DBSK [25]
Super Junior [21]


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- Credit when in use (Either cartoon_news.livejournal.com OR newslover.deviantart.com)
- textless icons are not bases
- Do not hotlink

06 September 2009 @ 11:23 pm
Weeee i like to update some stuff :D since i haven't done so in a while ^_^
Ahh can't believe that school's already starting soon! and people in the states have already started school ;x

Has people listen to Jaejoong & Yoochun's duet song :3 COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ ^_^ It's a pretty good song, yet i somehow wished all 5 of them were singing it :] and also the mv, felt somewhat lonely ~~ I just had to say it somewhere, so i'll say it here XD When those little white balls were falling, i first thought of them as Bombs :D and then they exploded with color! LOL but you know overall the mv was nice with micky and jaejoong as giants ~ i'd laugh if they stepped on something on the ground of that mini city~ :] Speaking of Micky and Jaejoong, their song with M-flo! it sounds great from the preview~~~

AND also also~ I just recently discovered Jin had done a duet with Crystal Kay, the song's pretty good and their voices blended well :3 " helpless night ~ " ^_^v yea i was being random with songs~ *random random*

andd omg~ an ayumi wallpaper ~~ :O what do you think? :3 it's size 1024 x 768~ Feel free to use, but please do not claim as your own or anything
What do you think :)?
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26 August 2009 @ 12:01 pm
  refer to this post:






25 August 2009 @ 08:40 am
Finally i'm here to update! :D

These were requested by:

Homin [11]

Hope you like them and also please credit either

cartoon_news or newslover.deviantart.com/ thanks! <3


more homin and jaemin under cut! D:Collapse )


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18 August 2009 @ 02:48 pm

 I felt like posting something today, which i haven't done in so long! :)
well its August! =_= can't believe summer is nearing to an end, although theres still a few weeks till school. It seems like schoool will start tomorrow, and when that day actually does come i would love summer to be longer. Too bad i didn't get to go anywhere much this year, but it's alright. A month of summer school, got to see some of my friends did some hanging out throughtout the summer, guess its good? :D

Anyways; i've finally revised my page :D new banner <3 and an awesome stylsheet :33
Currently working on dA requests :) their going pretty... good? not XD yea...
B) AADBSK3 seems aweosme, really want my copy but cant believe the limited edition one was all sold out! :( 
hmmmm what else is there ^_^ i dont know what else to say at the moment but you know, hopeee to i HOPE. to update more =_= although im a ghost, i appear here and there XD ~ and i haven't talked to my LJ friends in a while too :O hopeee to get to talk to them sometime.
Yea i gues thats about it for now, until i update next time :D !

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21 December 2008 @ 08:18 am

Think its time for me to update XD ~
Well its holidaaaay~ which means more photoshoping for me ^^~ i hope i'll update some graphics sooon~
Don't forget dA has some of my stuff there tooo ~ *link on profile page*
Now i'll play that "ost" game xD.....

The Rules​:​

1. Open your libra​ry (​iTune​s,​ Winam​p,​ Media​ Playe​r,​ iPod,​ etc)
2. Put it on shuff
3. Press
​ play
4. For every
​ quest​ion,​ type the song that'​s playi​ng
5. When you go to a new quest
​ion,​ press​ the next butto

Opening Credits:
"Forever Love" - Tohoshinki

Waking Up:
"Hoshi Wo Mezashite" - NEWS   [more like a sleeping song don't you think?]

First Day of School:
"악녀 (Are you A Good girl?)" - DBSK [ LOL Am i a good girl for going to school for the first day??]

Falling in Love:
"Time" - Yamashita Tomohisa

Lost Virginity:
"I Never Let Go" - DBSK  [hm? o_o]

Fight Song:
"Just For One Day" - Tenjochiki Feat. Jaejoong [i don't think this song suitsxD...]

Breaking Up:

"Day Moon~ハルダル~" - Tohoshinki

"Chocolate" - Tegomass

"Don't Say Goodbye" - DBSK [don't say goodbye to life? D:]

Mental Breakdown:
"Beautiful Thing" - (DBSK) Xiah Junsu [ o_o;]

"Real Face" - KAT-TUN [ o dear ]

"Shine" - Tohoshinki [my winamp is rigged picking all my dbsk/thsk songs o__o]

Getting Back Together:

"LIPS" - KAT-TUN [i think my winamp knows im typing something bad about it D: LOL]

"You Only Love" - DBSK [ WOW. back to dbsk again LOL]

Birth of Child:
[don't tell me its like kat-tun or something....]
"Okaeri" - Ayaka   [hey its neither kat-tun or DBSK o.o]

Final Battle:
"HEY! (Don't Bring me Down)" -DBSK [ ahahahah this is funny o_o]

Death Scene:

"Harukana Yakusoku" - KAT-TUN ...[ rigged. and isnt this song too happy??]

Funeral Song:

"Unforgettable" - DBSK  [ totally rigged. ]

Ending Credits:

"Rainbow" - Tohoshinki [ah. Starts with tohoshinki, ends with tohoshinki... interesting]


in the end it turned out winamp is really strange LOL. =]

07 November 2008 @ 05:30 pm
Hello everyone ^_^~

here is my first batch of icons on Ueda, hope you guys like them! =]
more icons to come hopefully ^_^~


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